Paleo Spicy Lemon Coconut Indonesian Chicken

Good morning everyone! I'm pretty excited this morning--and it's not just the chai, though I am on my fourth mug. Today I'm doing my first guest post! That means that this recipe will be featured over at the Paleo Parents' blog today. 

Stacy and Matthew (The Paleo Parents) are an inspiration! They have an amazing story, and provide others with amazing resources for trying a paleo diet. I think a lot of people shy away form Paleo because it has a label, and rules, and can be hard (I too was once one of those people). But it's not really about the label, or the rules. It's really about doing our best to eat well, and making the connection between what we eat and our health. From their cookbooks to their almost daily blog posts, Stacy and Matthew help people eat better with every passing day. 

Now, of course, you will have to head over to their blog today to get the recipe for this Spicy Lemon Coconut Indonesian Chicken. Originally made on a whim, it's a dish I keep coming back to, for it's unique flavor. Like many of my dishes, it's a cozy meal with a bit of global-inspiration. Get the story behind this dish, and the recipe on Paleo Parents