Caitlin Sherwood -- Foraged Dish


Foraged Dish is a wholesome food blog where I share my favorite recipes. The recipes you’ll find here are for your every day. They are what fuel me through days at the office, to the gym, and on climbing trips. By sharing them, I hope they can do the same for you! They use whole, fresh ingredients because I believe that’s the best kind of fuel, and it offers the best flavor, too.

I’m Caitlin, a rock climbing, outdoor-loving foodie that’s fond of cozy curries, chocolate, and fresh veggies (not all together!). I grew up as a competitive gymnast, and have never lost that desire to spin, flip, and move. This experience is also what set me on the course to realizing what you eat matters.  I’m not a professionally trained chef or a nutritionist… I’m just a giggly, everyday person with a love for reaching personal fitness goals and a passion for making really delicious food.

I hope you’ll join me on this tasty, edible, vibrant adventure!

This blog brings together three of my favorite things:

Food: The greatest recipes, I always felt, come with a story. There’s a memory or some other a spurt of inspiration that you can taste in every bite. That’s why the flavors in most of my recipes are inspired by moments: a trip to India; a hike through the aspen trees; the cozy feeling of being at home in a snowstorm. No matter the inspiration, getting the most out of my food is important to me. All of my recipes are made with wholesome ingredients that will fuel you on a weeknight at home, a weekend trip to the dessert, or an afternoon snowshoeing in the hills. Many of my recipes are gluten-free — I am sensitive to gluten, but do not have Celiac Disease (thank goodness!) - or paleo, or even vegan. I do not adhere to one specific diet (though I’ve tried a few), I just focus on eating real food.

Hiking at Kenosha Pass, CO

“Fitness:” I put this in quotes because when I think of the word fitness I think of Nike Tennis shoes hitting a treadmill. What I learned in 5th grade — a time when I thought I just wasn’t “sporty,” is that if you discover the right sport, you’ll never look back. I had discovered gymnastics, and that “sporty” didn’t have to mean basketball or soccer or running the mile in gym class. Now, I love getting out and getting moving. Very occasionally that still means gymnastics, but for the most part I focus my energy on climbing, yoga, hiking, and just enjoying nature.

Photography: It started with one of those plastic, yellow, disposable cameras. (Those were the days! 😉). That was grade school, and I snapped photos of just about everything I laid my eyes on. Photography has been a part of my life ever since. Now, I shoot a Nikon D850 (affiliate link!). This blog helps me get photography practice into my every week — let my creative juices flow.