Caitlin sherwood - Foraged Dish

To me, the greatest recipes come with a story. They have a rhyme or a reason and you can taste it in every bite. That’s why most of my recipes are inspired by the big & small moments we all call life—the feeling of being at home; a trip to India; a fading memory of Grandma; a cloudy dream.  

I’m Caitlin. I’m fond of home-style gravies, spicy curries, and big bowls of veggies, and am a life-long foodie with a big appetite for creativity. I funnel as much of my creative juice as I can into this little blog. After all, the kitchen is my favorite room in the house. It’s true—if you can’t find me, I’m probably lost among the pots and pans.  

I grew up cooking along side my parents. Dinner prep was a family affair, where my dad and I would catch up while rolling tamales or my mom and I would giggle hysterically while attempting to make a 7-layer Opera cake. When I moved to college, I felt like there was a gaping hole in my life. It took a while to figure out what it was, but eventually I realized that I needed a creative outlet, and it needed to involve a whisk. That’s how I got into food blogging! I’ve been cooking up a storm ever since.  

Caitlin Sherwood - Foraged Dish

Foraged Dish is a healthy food blog where I compile my favorite recipes to share with you. Here, you'll find every day dishes that use whole, fresh ingredients.  At Foraged Dish, meals are healthy, wholesome, flavorful AND delicious. Because you don’t have to choose! I hope you’ll join me on this tasty, edible, vibrant adventure. 


The act of foraging:  search for provisions